Elryn Elaren Eloren Ember Remember

Devoted to planting the acorns of the Tree and creating a new web of life.


Elryn Elaren Eloren (the fourth child of Elaren and Eloren) was a young wood gnome, growing up in a meadowy grove. His people lived in harmony with the land, the plants, and the animals around them. Overlooking the grove was the Tree, reaching hundreds of meters into the sky and spanning just as wide. If all the gnomes of his village stood around the tree and stretched, they might be able to link arms.

The lives of Elryn and the other people of his village were shaped by the Tree. It provided shade during the hot summer, shelter during the cold winter, habitat for the animals, a haven during the occasional raid by humans, orcs, or other predators. The Tree allowed enough light in for other life to grow under its branches and dropped leaves to nourish the soil. The Tree was the spiritual center of the wood gnomes, its spirit being connected with the spirits of the ancestors and those not yet born. Elryn spent many days and hours with his friends climbing, playing, and being with the Tree.

Elryn was young when the wood gnomes were attacked and decimated by the Dragon Cult. There were few survivors. Along with the village and his people, the Tree was burned to the ground. Ella, Elryn’s big sister, carried him to a stream gulley and the two of them hid neck deep in water. Elryn cowered in fear, terrified to make a sound, even to cry for his family and friends, and the Tree. When the Dragon Cultists searched their area, his druidic magic awoke, and along with his inate ability to create illusions, hid them from danger.

The Dragon Cult left, seemingly satisfied with merely causing destruction for no purpose other than to create terror. For weeks after, Elryn was silent, seeing only fire and the spirit of the Tree burning. He took the name Ember.

The gnomes scattered to the four directions, afraid that the Dragon Cult would return to finish what it had started. Elryn carried only a small bag with some acorns he had collected from the Tree, and he and Ella survived by scavenging and scrounging in the wilderness – where he was at home – and in the cities – where Ella learned to make her home.

As the years passed, Elryn had dreams, which grew with clarity and vibrance, of the Tree, calling out to him that it was to be reborn. And, Elryn had a memory of the one of the elders, speaking to him of a masks and a staff, which would grant the Dragon Cult power, and usher in the rebirth of Tiamat, the god of dragons. The Tree protected the realm from this, and this was why the Dragon Cult sought to wipe his people out. Elryn saw now that he was to replant the Tree, and it would not be a single tree, but many trees. And it would not solely for the wood gnomes, but it would tie the communities of all the races together. He took the name Remember.

Elryn’s powers grow, and his is able to tap into nature to entrap or hinder his enemies, to heal his friends, and to gather information. He can speak with the natural creatures, and even take their forms. However, he is disturbed by the violence around him and avoids directly harming others at all times.


Elryn Elaren Eloren Ember Remember

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